When did forlan play man utd?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes! While Forlán's spell at Old Trafford was disappointing, he did enjoy the occasional purple patch of scoring. He had a knack for scoring important goals, such as the late equaliser at home to Aston Villa and the remarkable volleyed winner in the last minutes of the home game against Chelsea during United's Premiership-winning season of 2002--03. He became a fan favourite when he scored two goals against Liverpool in a 2--1 victory at Anfield. During this period, Forlán became known for removing his shirt and baring his torso in celebration of his goals. The first such example of this resulted in quite an amusing incident: Forlán whipped his shirt off in excitement after scoring an 85th minute winner against Southampton in November 2002 but struggled to get it back on in time before play restarted, resulting in the spectacle of Forlán briefly running around the Old Trafford pitch bare-chested with his shirt still in his hand, before recovering the ball for his team. The referee soon stopped play and ordered Forlán off the pitch to get dressed.

Forlán's record of 17 goals from 95 appearances for Manchester United did not compare favourably to his former teammate Ruud van Nistelrooy's 150 goals in 210 games, and it was widely thought that he would not start the 2004--05 season in the Red Devils' team colours. That was proved true when he signed for Villarreal CFin August 2004, the same month Wayne Rooney joined Manchester United.

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Q: When did forlan play man utd?
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