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Don Bradman was knighted in 1949

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Q: When did don bradman become sir?
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Why don bradman called sir don bradman?

Because sir donald bradman is one of the greatest cricketers ever in the whole world.

Why did don bradman become a sir?

because he had made record of fastest century

Is Don Bradman greater than Sachin Tendulkar?

Yes, anytime Sir Don Bradman is better than Sachin. Though Sachin is good in his own ways, Sir Don Bradman, is a legend!

What type of bat did sir Donald bradman use?

Don Bradman used Slazanger.

Is Sir Don Bradman the oldest cricketer?


Was Sir Don Bradman a nice person?


Which cricketer is nicknamed the don?

sir Donald Bradman

Where did sir don bradman field in cricket?


What is an interesting thing about don bradman?

The interesting thing about Sir Don Bradman is that he was The greatest batsman as well as a good person.

What is sir Donald bradman personal qualities?

what were Don Bradman's personality traits

How many fours did sir don bradman hit?

Donald bradman scored 416 fours

Who was the best sport person in history?

Sir Don Bradman