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In MLB, that was 1969. There were two divisions in each league, the East and the West, and each division had 6 teams.

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Q: When did divisional play in baseball begin?
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How many divisional championships do the cubs have?

Through the 2008 season, since the National League went to divisional play in 1969 the Cubs have won 5 divisional titles: 1984, 1989, 2003, 2007, 2008

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When is the last Major League Baseball game of 2008?

Sept. 28 - Regular season ends Oct. 1 - Divisional playoffs begin Oct. 9 - League championship series begin Oct. 22 - World Series begins

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the 2011 divisional playoff game?

Baltimore Ravens

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Divisional playoffs in 2006?

On January 15, 2006, the Steelers defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional playoffs, 21-18.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the 2001 Divisional playoffs?

In the 2001 Divisional playoffs, the Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens 27-10 on January 20, 2002.

Does wild card teams get home field advantage in baseball in division play?

No, the home-field advantage is only given to division winners in divisional play, even if the Wild-card team has a better record.

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In the NFL playoffs why is it called Divisional Round when teams from same division can't play each other?

Only in MLB can the teams from the same division not play each other, and that's only in the first round of playoffs. In the NFL, I think it's called the Divisional round because in theory, only divisional champs will be remaining in the playoffs after Wildcard Weekend.

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How many division titles do the cubs have?

Through the 2008 season, since the National League went to divisional play in 1969, the Cubs have won 5 divisional titles: 1989, 1994, 2003, 2007, 2008

When did the Green Bay Packers play two teams from the same city in the regular season?

The Packers play their divisional opponents twice every year.

How many times do the raiders play the chargers in a regular season?

They play twice each season during the regular season as divisional match ups

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Divisional playoff game in 2008?

The 2008 NFL playoffs began in January 2009. The Steelers defeated the San Diego Chargers 35-24 in the Divisional Playoff game on January 11th.

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What team has won the most post season games in baseball since divisional playoffs began?

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What day will the San Diego Chargers play their divisional round playoff game?

The NFL has just announced that the Divisional game will be played at 1:40pm (local time) on SUNDAY, January 17, 2010 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. They will play the HIGHEST seeded team remaining after the Wild Card round