When did diving start?

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Q: When did diving start?
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Where and when did diving start?

He started diving in Africa lol

Where did Melissa Wu start diving?

She started diving at bthe Parramatta Diving Club in Sydney

Where did pearl diving start?

in the 1870s

Where did diving start?

by pornstars

When should you start diving?


What year did diving start?


Where did scuba diving start?

in the water

When does Olympics diving start?

right now

Where did synchronized diving start?

Great Britan in 1973

Diving bird start with 6 letters?


What is the name of a diving bird that start with a p?


At what age can you start scuba diving with BSAC?


What is diving in swimming?

Diving is how you start a race in swimming. (Except for backstroke) Swimmers stand on blocks and dive in the water when the race start. This is quite simple and takes a month to learn but years to master (Been diving 3 1/2 years now but still haven't mastered it)

What physical activities start with the letter N?

nigggt diving]

Who was the first civilization to start diving in to the sea?

I think it was france.

Are there rules to a diving start in a swimming race?

Ask lily beaker at

What activities start with D?

Diving & drinking, but wouldn't recommend you do them together.

Can you start diving at age 12?

it depends. You can legally dive at any age. But organisations like PADI - who are the most powerful of the diving organisations - don't cover you until you are 14.

Why did Tom Daley start diving?

He was swimming with his Dad in Plymouth at seven years old and noticed people using the diving boards and decided he wanted to have a go ! The rest is history.

Can you make money by scuba diving?

Like the old joke goes: "the only way to make a small fortune in scuba diving is to start with a large fortune." Lots of people earn a living with scuba diving, but very few become rich.

What insurance company will insure a swimming pool with a diving board?

There are many insurance companies that will do this for you. Get the phone book out and start making calls. You should have no problem if the only "problem" is the diving board.

What job growth does scuba divers have?

It can be used as an introduction for commercial diving. The way to make a ton of money scuba diving is to start out with 2 tons of money! You can get a job at a resort. But the competition is fierce.

Where to place the fulcrum on diving boards?

It varies but 3-4 is normally a good place to start.

Why is it important not to hold your breath when diving?

As you ascend from diving the surrounding water pressure decreases. This means if you hold your breath and ascend the pressure on your body decreases so your lungs start to inflate until........pop

When did sky diving start?

Andre-Jacques Garnerin may have been the first back in 1797 when he successfully sky dived from a hot air balloon. Only in 1953 did sky diving become an international sport.