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once a famous swimmer, always a famous swimmer

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She started swimming competitively when she was 17, 1954; but she often swam recreationally

before she started proper training.

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Q: When did dawn fraser start swimming?
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When did Dawn Fraser start her swimming career?

when she was 17

What sport is dawn fraser famous for?

Dawn Fraser is famous for swimming.

How many years did Dawn Fraser do swimming for?

Dawn Fraser has been in the sport of swimming for 28 years.

What was the name of Dawn Fraser's swimming coach?


What field did dawn fraser work in?

Dawn Fraser's field was Swimming although this wasn't her first choice she had planned to be a doctor when she was younger

Why was Dawn Fraser famous?

She is famous because she won 4 gold medals at hte Olympics.

Who won the most swimming medals from the us in 1970?

dawn Fraser

The name of dawn Fraser's swimming coach?

Dawn Fraser's Coaches name is there are 2 1. Dom ( dawns brother) 2. Harry Gallagher

Who is dawn fraser?

Dawn Fraser is an Australian Swimming Legend. She is one of only three swimmers to win the same Olympic event three times - in her case the 100 metres freestyle.

What events did dawn fraser compete in?

Dawn Fraser's specialty was freestyle swimming and she competed in the 100 meter freestyle, 400 meter freestyle, 4x100 meter freestyle relay, and 4x100 medley relay events at the Olympics.

What is dawn fraser's daughter called?

Dawn Fraser's daughter is called Dawn-Lorraine

What color are Dawn Fraser eyes?

Her eyes are blue dawn fraser is a girl Dawn fraser is famousDawn fraser is a very hard working lady