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Competitive Cheerleading started in 1978. ESPN broadcasted the first National High School Cheerleading Competition in 1983.

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2009-07-26 15:49:25
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Q: When did competitive cheerleading start?
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Can you start competitive cheerleading at 17?

You can start at 17 if you want, but if you haven't done any former competitive cheerleading before that it will be a challenge. So if your up for the challenge then you can do it.

You are 13 years old can you start cheerleading at 14 years old?

You can start cheerleading at any age, and there are competitive squads for kids as young as 4 or 5

What is the best competitive cheerleading squad?

Central Jersey Allstars is the best competitive cheerleading squad.

Is cheerleading a compeditive sport?

Yes...all-star cheerleading is competitive. It is actually known for how competitive it really is. However, recreation cheerleading or school cheerleading is not. That is more spirit than competition.

Is there any websites for cheerleading tryouts?

if you want competitive cheerleading yes.

Is cheerleading and dance a competitive sport?

Yes, both cheerleading and dance are competitive sports, but not always. Both disciplines have their non-competitve applications as well.

Is cheerleading an athletic sport?

If it is competitive cheer, yes

Does cheerleading with dance?

Yes. if you are doing competitive cheerleading you will have a tumbling, stunting, jumping, cheer, and dance routine.

Does UCLA have a good cheerleading team?

Yes they're not a typical side line cheerleading team they're competitive.

What is themost important part of cheerleading?

It depends on what type... school cheerleading or competitive cheerleading? Well I do both! In school cheerleading, All it takes is your smile, personality, being loud, and only a little bit of tightness. For competitive, its all about safety. Also, the smiling! and definetly sharpness and jumps and tumblinggg

How has cheerleading changed?

It's changed many ways since it was invented. Cheerleading has gotten more competitive. Also, it has gotten harder.

Rules of cheerleading?

you have to attend all games and practices. If you go to they have rules and regulations for competitive cheerleading if that's what you're looking for!

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