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When the first college fielded a player.

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Q: When did collegiate sports start?
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Are There Collegiate Sports At UCLA?

yes there is colliate sports in the college of UCLA

What do NCAA stand for?

National Collegiate Athletic Association, the governing body for collegiate sports in the United States.

What does NCAA mean in the college sports?

National Collegiate Athletic Association.

What venue is the oldest venue in collegiate sports?

Im guessing Franklin Field.

Should athletes get good grades to play Sports?

No, grades and sports performance are different aspects of being a collegiate student-athlete.

What is the motto of Maples Collegiate?

The motto of Maples Collegiate is 'Maples Collegiate'.

What professional sports team in any sport have the most overall wins?

Michigan in College Has The Most Collegiate Wins In America

What is Louisville Collegiate School's motto?

Louisville Collegiate School's motto is 'Stand out. Be Collegiate.'.

What has the author Whitney Minnis written?

Whitney Minnis has written: 'How to get an athletic scholarship : a student-athlete's guide to collegiate athletics' -- subject(s): Scholarships, fellowships, College sports, Sports

What is the role of the National Collegiate Athletic Association?

There job is the govern the world of college sports in the United States. Not all colleges are governed by them, but many are.

What is the amount of time is a NCAA game?

The National Collegiate Athletics Association oversees several different sports; you'd need to be more specific.

What is a collegiate?

The word collegiate means that someone belongs to a college. All of a college's students as a whole can be referred to a collegiate.

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