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Q: When did coach Harold Jones die?
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When did Harold m Jones from flint die?

When did Harold m jones from flint die

When did Harold Hunt - coach - die?

Harold Hunt - coach - died on 1992-11-01.

When did Harold Jones - artist - die?

Harold Jones - artist - died in 1992.

When was Harold Hunt - coach - born?

Harold Hunt - coach - was born on 1907-12-12.

When was Harold Jones - artist - born?

Harold Jones - artist - was born in 1904.

What has the author Harold Jones written?

Harold Jones has written: 'Five little pigs' 'There & back again' -- subject(s): Fiction, Toys 'Harold Jones'

When was Harold W. Jones born?

Harold W. Jones was born on 1877-11-05.

When was Bobby Jones - basketball coach - born?

Bobby Jones - basketball coach - was born in 1940.

What is the birth name of Griffith Jones?

Griffith Jones's birth name is Harold Jones.

Who plays Coach Beiste in Glee?

Coach Shannon Beiste is played by actress Dot Jones.

What has the author Harold Ellis Jones written?

Harold Ellis Jones has written: 'Studies in human development' -- subject(s): Genetic psychology

Who is coach biest on glee?

Coach Biest is the football coach. Coach Biest is played by Dot-Marie Jones