When did chelsea last play millwall?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: When did chelsea last play millwall?
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What is a better club Chelsea or millwall?

frank lampard

Who scored the last football league goal of the 20th century?

Jody Morris of chelsea

Who's the hardest football fans in the U.K.?

Millwall although West Ham and Chelsea are quite hard but i'd say Millwall...

What division do London team millwall play in?

Millwall Play in the Championship, wich is the Engish 2nd tier, the league below the English premier league

What four football teams based in London?

Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, West Ham, Spurs, Millwall, Crystal Palace

When will west ham and millwall play again?

25th August 2009

When did real Madrid play Chelsea last?

On August 2013,they played each other and the score was real Madrid 3-1 Chelsea.

Are millwall a good football team?

yes they are very good at fighting we're not the best team ever right now, but we WILL be back, and we were the best before Chelsea and Arsenal and the likes started money laundering, nobody else has a chance. For now. It won't last, you see, and Millwall FC will be up there with the true greats like Spurs and Everton. Up the blue and whites! UP THE LIONS!!!

Where was the last Chelsea versus Arsenal match held?

The last Chelsea verses Arsenal match was held in London at the London Derby. These are two local teams that play soccer and have had a long lasting rivalry.

Is John Terry of Chelsea related to ex player Pat Terry of Millwall?

No, John Terry of Chelsea FC is not related to Patrick Alfred Terry

What division does Millwall participate in?

The division that Millwall participates in is the Championship in England.

Who is the main rival of Tottenham?

The main rival of Tottenham is considered to be their North London neighbours Arsenal, but some fans consider Chelsea to be fierce rivals as well.