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Q: When did brad van pelt wear jersey 10 for New York Giants?
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What position did Brad Van Pelt play for the New York Giants?

Brad Van Pelt played linebacker.

What is the birth name of Brad Van Pelt?

Brad Van Pelt's birth name is Brad Alan Van Pelt.

How many New York Giants players have worn jersery number ten?

Three of the most prominant player to wear number 10 for the Giants include Fran Tarkenton, Brad Van Pelt, and Eli Manning.

How tall is Brad Van Pelt?

Brad Van Pelt is 6' 5".

When was Brad Van Pelt born?

Brad Van Pelt was born on April 5, 1951, in Owosso, Michigan, USA.

When did Brad Van Pelt die?

Brad Van Pelt died on February 17, 2009, in Harrison, Michigan, USA of heart attack.

Was Brad Van Pelt a QB in college?

Yes...Colorado State University

When was Tim Pelt born?

Tim Pelt was born on August 15, 1946, in New York, USA.

Who was the quarter back of the Denver Broncos in 2005?

Jake Plummer was the starter and Brad Van Pelt was the backup.

What has the author Daniel Van Pelt written?

Daniel Van Pelt has written: 'Leslie's history of the greater New York' -- subject(s): Biography, History

What is the last name of Linus and Lucy in the comic strip Peanuts?

Lucille van Pelt - shortened to "Lucy".

Which New York Giants players have worn jersey number 88?

The two noteworthy players who have worn number 20 for the New York Giants were All-Pro/Pro Bowl safety Jimmy Patton (1955-66) and All-Pro/Pro Bowl halfback Joe Morris (1982-88). Others include backup quarterback Travis Tidwell (1950-51), defensive back Scott Eaton (1967-71), defensive back Jim Stienke (1974-77), safety Gary Woolford (1980), running back Keith Elias (1994-96), safety Sam Garnes (1997-2001), fullback Jim Finn (2003-06), safety Michael Johnson (2008-10) and cornerback Prince Amukamara (2011-current as of August 2012).