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1976, 120 mph

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Q: When did bobby hull record the hardest shot?
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Who has the best shot ever in the NHL?

Bobby Hull

What is the fastest slap shot in hockey?

The fastest slapshot in the NHL All-Star game was 107.2 mph by Chara The hardest slapshot on record is by Bobby Hull at 118.3 mph

What speeds have pucks been measured at from techniques such as a slap shot?

118.3 mph by Bobby Hull

How hard was Bobby Orr's slap shot?

The hardest shot in the history of hockey. With the advances in the equipment that todays players have Bobby Hull would have shot the puck over 130 miles per hour today opposed to the 120mph he did shoot it at. Imagine how fast the "Golden Jet" would have skated with todays lightweight skates compared to the old heavy ones he went along at 29.7mph i. It is also worth noting that Hull probably never lifted weights in his playing days compared to todays players. His slap shot was simply 50 years ahead of it's time. Bobby Hull used a very short and stiff Northland stick with a large full blade curve taped full blade. That combination with his upper body strength was the perfect formula for his slap shot. By the way his brother Dennis possessed a shot of equal if not harder than Bobby's! If you are trying to authenticate a Hull stick during his playing days in Chicago it should be stamped Gunzos which supplied many of the Hawk's sticks of the day.

How fast does a hockey puck average when hit?

The NHL All Star game record is 170.4 km/h (105.9 mph) by Zdeno Chara. The KHL All Star game record is 177.58 km/h (110.3 mph) by Denis Kulyash. The world record is 191.5 km/h (119 mph) by Bobby Hull. I think the speed of Chara's slapshot went up to 108 mph during the last ALL Star Game's skill's competition. Even Shea Weber cracked 106 mph. Bobby Hull consistently had the hardest shot in hockey. Nobody nowadays comes close to his puck speed. It's remarkable that his brother Dennis also had a 100 mph + shot. Surreyfan

Who holds the world record for hardest slapshot ever recorded?

The current world record is held by Dennis Kulyash of KHL's Avangard Omsk, who slapped a puck at the 2011 KHL All Star Game skills competition in Russia with a speed of 177.58 km/h (110.3 MPH) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ...well not really as NHL Stars in 1965 were timed and Bobby Hull had an 118.3 MPH Slapshot, the 37 year-old Gordie Howe had a 114 MPH "wrist-slapshot" where he only lifted his stick a foot or so off the ice. Tim Horton (the one that started the DONUT SHOP Chain) was timed at 112 MPH, and while this Kulyash blast was 2 MPH faster than the 108 MPH slapshot of the 34 year-old Jean Beliveau who used a waist-high backswing it also matched the 110 MPH of Frank Mahovlich. So there are AT LEAST 3 harder recorded shots than this. Funnier yet is that neither Bobby Hull or Dennis Hull had the hardest shot in their family even! Gary Hull who just played SENIOR HOCKEY had an even harder shot!

Who currently holds the record for the hardest shot competition?

As of the 2009 skills competition: Zdeno Chara from Slovakia.

Who has the hardest football shot?

steven Gerrard has the hardest shot

What is the hardest handball shot?

The hardest recorded handball shot was recorded at Chester Zoo in august 2009 were Jack Hennessey of Liverpool, UK threw a handball at an astonishing 142km/pH. The record breaking shot was aimed at a black rhino which was knocked flat out.

Did Bobby Hull invent the slap shot?

Boom Boom Geferson of the Montreal Canadians; They called him "Boom Boom" because of the noise that the puck made when it hit the boards. Last name is correctly spelled "Geoffrion" Edwin Martin of The Halifax Eurekas of The Negro Hockey League took the first slap shot in 1903. It is documented in the Halifax Newspaper.

What hockey player had the hardest shot?

Zdeno Chara currently has the hardest shot, recorded at 105.9 mph

What do shotgun shells have?

Hull, primer, powder, shot, shot cup or shot wads.