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Bob Stoops began coaching at OU in 1999, I think.

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Bob Stoops has won 139 games (record is 139-34) in 13 seasons (1999-2011) as head coach of the Sooners.

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Q: When did bob stoops begin coaching at ou?
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What college did current ou football did current ou football coach bob stoops attend?

Iowa University.

When did bob stoops take over as head coach of ou football coach?

Bob Stoops was hired as head football coach of the Oklahoma Sooners on 1st December, 1998.

Should bob stoops be fired?

By no means should Big Game Bob Stoops be fired. Stoops has won the Big 12 SIX times during his 9 seasons guiding the Sooners. Stoops has won a National Championship and played in three others. Granted, the Sooners have struggled lately in BCS bowls, however, they were just overmatched against Florida. Any college and even a few NFL teams would sign Stoops immediately upon his release from OU. Stoops has become a victim of his own success. Oklahoma accepts nothing less than National Titles every year and failure to produce results in stupid questions such as this one.

What two teams has OU lost to at home under Bob Stoops?

Through December 2, 2008: 1) November 24, 2001 - Oklahoma State 16, Oklahoma 132) September 3, 2005 - Texas Christian 17, Oklahoma 10

Is Josh Heupel a poor coach?

Josh Heupel is a good man, undeniable. As a couch to the QB's his experience is of the pinnacle in college football. Heupel came to OU as a coach's son, juco transfer. The 1st thing he did upon arriving in Norman, was watch video of what Coach Stoops had in mind. He excelled at OU and in now an outstanding example to young players. Heupel has played and won, during this current generation of football players. His knowledge is so valuable. Stoops did the right thing in bringing this Sooner legend back to Owen Field, as is an asset to OU and to the OK community

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