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Q: When did blood doping become illegal in the Olympics?
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How does blood doping improve performance?

How does blood doping improve performance

What can go wrong with the blood doping?

don't do blood doping, because you WILL get pregnant and you WILL die. so don't do it.

Definition of doping?

In Sports, doping is when an athlete uses a substance, generally an illegal drug or drug that can only be obtain via a prescription, that that they believe will affect their performance for the better. There is also something called blood doping where blood is extracted, infused with oxygen, and put back in the athlete. Many believe this increases endurance.

Does blood doping work?


Is blood doping legal?


What sport benefit from blood doping?

Distance running has been notorious for its epo blood doping scandals in recent years.

When was blood doping banned?

June 17, 1985 The United States Olympic Committee unanimously passed a resolution outlawing the practice of ''blood doping.''

When was blood doping first identified?


Who invented blood doping?

lance armstrong

What positive effects does blood doping have on athletes?

Blood doping increases the amount of red blood cells. This means that more oxygen can be carried around in the bloodstream and because of this increase of oxygen the muscles can work for longer and people who use blood doping can train for longer.

Can an athlete lose his medals after the Olympics?

Yes, this has happened several times. The latest was Rashid Ramzi of Bahrain who won gold in men's 1500 meter run at the 2008 Games in Beijing and had his medal taken away in November, 2009 due to testing positive for blood doping. The International Olympic Committee has the power to do 'retroactive' blood tests to check for doping/drugs as new procedures for testing are created and Ramzi's blood sample tested positive for a blood doping substance.

What is the penalty for blood doping in sport?

athletes caught blood doping can be disqualified from their events and/ or stripped of any medals/records earned whilst on drugs

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