When did bergkamp join arsenal?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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He joined Arsenal on the 20th of June 1995.

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2006 but he's still the assistant manager of Ajax

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Q: When did bergkamp join arsenal?
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Who did arsenal buy bergkamp from?

Inter Milan

Who is the arsenal leagans?

Dennis Bergkamp Thierry Henry

Where is Denis Bergkamp?

I think he is on the Arsenal board for coaching.

How many games did it take Dennis Bergkamp to score his 100th goal for Arsenal?

It took Dennis Bergkamp 296 games to score his 100th goal for the Arsenal football club.

When did Dennis bergkamp retire?

He retired in July 2006 when he was at Arsenal.

What position did denis bergkamp play for arsenal?

Dennis Bergkamp played as a second striker for Arsenal in a 4-4-2 who scored but provided assists for his partner forward further up the pitch.

How many goals didDennis Bergkampscore for Arsenal?

Dennis Bergkamp scored a total of 120 goals for Arsenal.

What was Dennis Bergkamp famous for?

Dennis Bergkamp was famous for his professional football career. During his professional career, Bergkamp was involved in the Ajax, Internazionale, and Arsenal clubs.

What is Messrs?

Mr. in plural form. "Messrs. Henry and Bergkamp are Arsenal fans favorite players."

Which Arsenal players hae scored a hatrick for the club?

* Thierry Henry * Dennis Bergkamp * Andrei Arshavin

What players have played for Arsenal and Inter Milan?

I know two Dennis Bergkamp and Marc over mars.

How much was Dennis bergkamp bought for by arsenal?

After two unhappy seasons at Inter, Bergkamp was signed by Arsenal boss Bruce Rioch in June 1995 for £7.5 million. Bergkamp made his debut against Middlesbrough on 20 August 1995 but had to adapt to the English style of play. It took him seven games before he finally managed to score his first goal, against Southampton.