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Hall of Fame Catcher Roger Bresnahan Played between 1897 - 1915 Bresnahan most notable contributions to the game were in protective equipment. In 1905 after getting "beaned" in the head with a baseball began experimenting with head gear similar to the leather football helmet of the period that were made by A.J. Reach. Sliced vertically: one half for covering the left side of a right handed batter's head, the other for the lefty hitter. Two years later in 1907 he devised catcher's shin guards. The first, evidently modeled after a cricketer's leg pads but were large, and bulky. NL president Pulliam dismisses the Opening Day protests of Pittsburgh manager Fred Clarke over Roger Bresnahan's shin guards. As yet, Bresnahan was the only catcher using them. Ignoring the ridicule, it was not thought to be gentlemanly to use them. By 1909 the design was refined, and became accepted, and more wildly used. The first team that made their players wear helmets was the 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers Modern-day helmets were not manditory until 1971 and ear flaps not until about 1982. I will leave a link below for more information on Roger Bresnahan, and his inovations, and other Baseball equipment. -Steven KeyMan

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Q: When did baseball players begin wearing helmets while at bat?
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