When did balto reach Nome?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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balto reached nome Friday December 3 at 5:23am

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Q: When did balto reach Nome?
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When did balto save nome?

Balto saved Nome in 1925

Where did balto come from?

Balto is from Nome, Alaska. If you are forein, Alaska is located in the United States.

What job did Balto do?

Balto was the lead dog for the last team of dogs to carry the Diptheria medication to Nome.

How did gunnar kasson and balto save the city of nome?

Gunnar Kasson and Balo save the city of Nome when they found the trail to nome

Who is balto what is he best known for?

Balto was an Alaskan sled dog who was best known for delivering a supply of medecine to a sick population in Nome

Who is Balto and Togo?

balto is a famous lead dog in 1925, when there was a desiese spreading in Nome alaska. the sleds would pass the medicene down to each team to bring back the medicene. Togo was also a lead dog, his team passed the medicene to balto's team and balto's team reached nome with medicene. (not the movie, this is the real story)

Is there really a balto?

Balto was the lead dog for the last team of dogs to carry the Diptheria medication to Nome, in real life. Not a wolf-dog. And there was more than one team. From the movie Balto, Balto is the only actual real character.

What is the Name of the dog that helped deliver mdicine to nome during diphtheria outbreak?


Where is Balto the famous sled dog?

Alaska. Nome Alaska to be more exact/precise.

Who is in the movie Balto?

Their are loads Balto-He is the main character and the hero. Jenna-She is the beautiful husky of nome and Balto falls for her. Steele-He is Balto's worst enemy and is the champion dog in nome. Rosie-She is Jenna's owner that falls sick. Kaltag,Niki and Star-Is the dogs in Steele's sledge team. Boris-He is a goose that is like a father to Balto. Muk and Luk-Is 2 polar bears that look for a lot of fun and call Boris 'Uncle borris'

What famous dog helped the people of Nome during the diphtheria epidemic?

Balto, a Siberian husky

What name of the lead dog in the teamthat brought the serum for the above name disiese into Nome?