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When did volleyball become an olympic sport???????????? When did volleyball become an olympic sport????????????

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โˆ™ 2008-12-02 17:58:02
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Q: When did all volleyball become an olympic sport?
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How does a sport become a demostration sport for the oympics?

It comprises all the sports contested in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

How did swimming become an olympic sport?

it just did, like all the other sports :P

What is the sport of Iran?

In all sports, but most medals in Olympic sports and disciplines in the world. Wrestler. Weightlifting. Taekwondo. Jdv. Volleyball. Athletics. Respectively.

Will you get to play volleyball?

Anyone can play volleyball. Its a fun sport for all ages.

Why do people join volleyball and what is the sport all about?

to have fun :)

What year did beach volley ball become an olympic sport?

Well, you see beach volley ball really isn't a sport at all. What it is is when people get hungry they decide to play. So it never really became a sport or in other words was never an Olympic sport.

Is anarchy an Olympic sport?

Anarchy isn't a sport at all. Maybe you're thinking about archery.Archery - shooting with bow and Arrow - is an Olympic sport.

Why is volleyball a good sport for fitness?

Yes, volleyball is a good sport for fitness because it helps all of your mussels like arms and legs defiantly.

Is volleyball a famous sport?

Volleyball is quite a well known and popular sport. Children all around the world start playing variatiations of it when they are very young.

Do they play volleyball in England?

yes volleyball is a known and loved sport all over the world. especially in englan!

Which sport is better field hockey or volleyball?

This all depends on your preference.

What olympic sport has Canada done bad in?

All of them.

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