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males and females playing basketballBasketball was separated by the sex when it first came out. Basketball was never aloud to be played by both males and females together.
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Q: When did a girls basketball separate from the boys basketball?
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What is the difference in weight between a girls basketball and a boys basketball?

The difference between them is a girls basketball is not as heavy as a boys basketball!

Who plays better in basketball girls or boys?

Boys. But Girls Can Play

Should they separate boys and girls?


What is the difference in inches between a girls' basketball and a boys' basketball?

Boys: 29 to 30 inches Girls: 28.5 to 29 inches

What is the size of a girls basketball?

A boys is 29.5, a girls is 28.5.

Was the first basketball team a group of boys or girls?


Why should boys and girls have their own separate school?

Boys and girls should be in separate classes because the boys fall behind quicker, and interact better with guys. Girls interact better with girls.

Was basketball made for girls?

It doesn't matter if basketball was made for girls or not. Many girls play it, and nowdays, its as much for girls as it is for boys

Is basketball more for girls or boys?

It is generally associated more with boys whereas netball is seen as for girls

What is height of hoop for girls basketball?

The hoop used in girls basketball is a standard 10 foot rim, the same as for boys basketball.

Does Jason Wright teach boys and girls basketball?

Yes, Jason Wright teaches boys and girls together. I know because I signed up for basketball classes with him and it said boys and girls may participate.

Do boys like girls that play basketball?


Is Woodward Academy only for boys?

no they have separate academies for boys and girls

What are the Australian basketball players name boys and girls?

the boys: you steve have no life

Is basketball appropriate for girls?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with girls playing basketball. Many are better than boys.

Should girls have a separate school to boys?

no because boys need to learn how to wor with girls its life

Do boys do better than girls at basketball?

No ... boys and girls are equal when it comes to basketball. Boys may be a little taller and a little stronger but that doesn't mean that a boy is a better basketball player. Becoming good at something is based on how much you practice and how hard you try. And when it comes to that, girls and boys are equal.

Was basketball was introduced in many nation by the boys and girls club?

yes it was introduced by the boys and girls club because it is unisex game girls and boys can play it. eventhough it is mostly for boys ,girls can play it to.

What high school sports are played in winter?

wrestling, girls basketball and boys basketball

Should boys and girls be in separate classes?


Is it easier to make a basket with a boys basketball or a girls basketball?

A girls basketball is easier to make a basket with because of the size and weight no matter the gender

Boys and girls high school basketball team documentary?

A woman among boys

Will a girls basketball make more shots than a boys?


What is the size difference between a girls basketball and a boys?

there is no difference

Are some sports only for boys and girls?

yes baseball is only for boys , and basketball is only for boys