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Wayne Gretzky only became a part-owner in 2001.

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Q: When did Wayne Gretzky own the Phoenix Coyotes?
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What NHL team does Wayne Gretzky own?

Before the team declared bankruptcy, Gretzky had a 10% stake in the Phoenix Coyotes.

Did Wayne Wretzky own West Edmonton mall?

There is no person named Wayne Wretzky. However there is a person named Wayne Gretzky. No, he has not ever owned West Edmonton Mall.

What record did Wayne Gretzky gain post retirement?

First hall of famer to own and coach a NHL team

When will the court decide if Jim Balsillie will own the Phoenix Coyotes or not?

The decision was made on September 30th, 2009.

How many records does Wayne Gretzky hold?

Wayne gretzky has broke 5 records but with each he surpassed his own records more than once. He also has 4 Stanley cups and 45 trophies/awards.

Who has scored 70 goals in one NHL season?

As of the 2007-08 season, 70 or more goals in one NHL season has been accomplished 14 times: 1) 92 - Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton, 1981-1982 2) 87 - Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton, 1983-1984 3) 86 - Brett Hull, St. Louis, 1990-1991 4) 85 - Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh, 1988-1989 5) 76 - Phil Esposito, Boston, 1970-1971 6) 76 - Alexander Mogilny, Buffalo, 1992-1993 7) 76 - Teemu Selanne, Winnipeg, 1992-1993 8) 73 - Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton, 1984-1985 9) 72 - Brett Hull, St. Louis, 1989-1990 10) 71 - Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton, 1982-1983 11) 71 - Jari Kurri, Edmonton, 1984-1985 12) 70 - Brett Hull, St. Louis, 1991-1992 13) 70 - Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh, 1987-1988 14) 70 - Bernie Nicholls, Los Angeles, 1988-1989

Did Peter Puck offer Wayne Gretzky the West Edmonton Mall?

It would have been a bit difficult for PP to offer something he didn't own...WEM was and is owned by the Ghermezian family.

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