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gretzky is the worst player ILYA KOVALCHUCK and MARIO LEMIEX are the best players and he was traded because gretzky was board

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Q: When did Wayne Gretzky get traded to kings?
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What year was Wayne Gretzky traded to the los angeles kings?

Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988

Did Wayne Gretzky get traded to the LA Kings?

Yes he did

Why did Wayne Gretzky leave his country?

he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings

What team did Wayne Gretzky get traded to after the Edmonton Oilers?

Los Angeles Kings

How many times was Wayne Gretzky traded?

He was traded 3 times.

How long did gretzky play for the oilers?

Wayne Gretzky played 10 seasons with the Edmonton Oilers (1978-79 to 1987-88) before being traded to the Los Angeles Kings.

Did Wayne Gretzky coach the la kings?


Did the Los Angeles Kings win a Stanley Cup with Wayne Gretzky?

No, they did not win a Stanley Cup when Wayne Gretzky was on the team.

What year did Wayne Gretzky start playing for the kings?


Who has the most points for the los angeles kings history?

Wayne Gretzky.

How long did Wayne Gretzky stay with the Los Angeles Kings?

gretzky played for the kings from 88 to 96. Dave

Where did Wayne Gretzky play 94-95 season?

los angeles kings