When did Victoria marry albert?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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i dont even know so get out of here

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Q: When did Victoria marry albert?
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When Victoria marry Albert?


Did Queen Victoria marry Albert?


Did queen Alexandria marry her cousin?

Queen Alexandria Victoria did marry her cousin albert.

Why did Victoria marry albert?

she married him because Victoria loved Albert the most and she could not look for a husband around thw world

Who and when did Queen Victoria marry?

She married Prince Albert in 1840

Did Queen Victoria marry before she became queen?

Prince Albert.

What was special about queen Victoria's marriage proposal?

she asked albert to marry her

How old was prince albert when he got married?

Prince Albert never asked Queen Victoria to marry him, she was the one that asked him to marry her. The reason for this is because she was the reigning Queen of England when they met and she outranked him. After visiting her for the second time Victoria called him to her and asked him to marry her. They married in November of 1840.

Who did Queen Victoria marry and how was she related to him?

Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. They were cousins.

Why did Edward Johnson marry Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

How were Queen Victoria and prince albert 1st cousins?

Royalty tended to marry amongst themselves, so it wasn't unusual for relatives to marry. Also, Prince Albert's father wanted him to marry money and Victoria was a prime candidate for this. As his father was brother to Victoria's mother it was relatively easy to arrange for them to meet. bradley

How many times did queen Victoria marry?

She just married Prince Albert who was actually her first cousin.