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Usain Bolt started in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where his fastness was revealed, and he was recognised internationally, and became very famous...

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Q: When did Usain Bolt start in the Olympics?
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Which year did Usain Bolt start the Olympics?

Usain Bolt started the Olympics in 2004

What year did Usain Bolt start Olympics?


When did usain bolt start to play the Olympics?

he first went to the olympics in 2004

How did Usain Bolt get chosen for the Olympics?

Usain was fast

What did Usain Bolt do be for the Olympics?

had a wank

Who is the lightning bolt in the olympics?

"Lightning Bolt" is the nickname for Usain Bolt

What Olympic sport does Usain Bolt do?

usain does the athelete's track for the olympics

Who is the fastest sprinter in the olympics?

Usain Bolt.

Was Usain Bolt on drugs this Olympics?

yes he was

Who is the fastest person in the Olympics?

Usain Bolt

Why did Usain Bolt enter the Olympics?


Who is the fastest runner in the Olympics?

usain bolt JamaicaJamaican usain boltUsan Bolt.Usain Bolt holds the record.