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1989 - it is the one with the most valuable Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card as card # 1.

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Q: When did Upper Deck produce it's first baseball card set?
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What is the value of a 1961 upper deck Roger Maris card?

You must mean Topps. Upper Deck's first set was 1989 baseball.

Which baseball cards are better Topps or Upper Deck?

omg! upper deck all the way!

What is the value of a 1971 upper deck Hank Aaron card?

Upper Deck did not issue baseball cards in 1971.

2008 upper deck baseball codes?

there no codes

How much is 1988 upper deck complete set?

No such set exists. UD's first set was 1989 Baseball.

How much does a upper deck Baseball Hereos Hank Aaron card worth not signed?

How much is a Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Hank Aaron card worth not signed

Value of 1987 upper deck baseball card set?

Upper Deck First Set in 1989Upper Deck did not issue cards in 1987. Upper Deck is a major sports card manufacturer that started in 1989 with a premium issue. The 1989 Upper Deck set is very well known for its inclusion of the extremely popular Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, and the back of the cards featuring an anti-counterfeiting hologram.

What is the most expensive Upper Deck card from 1992?

1992 Upper Deck baseball cardsThe 1992 Upper Deck baseball card set consists of 800 baseball cards.The key card in the set is card #63 - Manny Ramirez RC which has a book value of about $4.00 in near mint condition.

What is an upper deck on a ship?

Its Just called an upper deck. Like the upper deck card.

What is the value of a 2007 upper deck baseball complete set?

About $50.00

What are the codes for Upper Deck baseball cards listed on the back?

you get prizez

Value of 1991 Upper deck Complete baseball set?


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