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nothing just medals

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Q: When did US gold medal winners get paid?
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How much do London olympic gold medal winners get paid?

That will be based on the country. The US Olympic committee pays an award bonus of $25,000 for a gold medal.

How much do Olympic silver medal winners get paid US?


Do American Olympia winners receive monetary incentives?

Yes, American Medal winners receive $25,000 for a gold, $15,000 for Silver, and $10,000 for Bronze. Paid by the US Olympic Committee.

How much do british athletes get paid for winning gold medals?

Olympic athletes are amateurs. They do not get paid. Britain does not award cash to medal winners. Other countries in the UK might award cash to their medal winners.

Are the gold medal winners in the Rio Olympics paid?

No, they do not. However, the national committees for most countries will give athletes that win a medal an honorarium. The US awards $25k for gold, $15k for silver and $10k for bronze. Great Britain does not give and award. In some cases other organizations will award winners as well, I understand one of the US groups will pay one of the wrestlers a 6 figure bonus.

What is a list of men's US Olympic gold medal winners?

Refer to the following link for the full list of members.

How much money does the us swim team get paid for winning the gold medal?

Nothing; most Olympic athletes make money from endorsement deals and other ways of trading on their fame such as book deals, television commentary, interviews, etc. Many, particularly in less popular sports have regular jobs, or are supported by their families.

Who was the USA 1968 winter Olympics gold metal winners?

Figure skater Peggy Fleming won the only gold medal for the US in the 1968 Winter Olympics.

Do the winners of an Olympic event get a cash prize along with a medal?

The International Olympic Committee does not award cash prizes to the winners. Many countries, however, do offer cash prizes and other incentives to medalists. In 2012, American competitors who won Olympic medals were rewarded in cash by the US Olympic Committee. Gold medal winners received $25,000, Silver medal winners received $15,000, and Bronze medal winners received $10,000. However, the real money is earned through commercial endorsements. Some Olympians get paid a performance bonus from sponsors for winning a medal and may sign commercial endorsements that could wind up paying them millions.

How much do the US athletes get paid for winning gold medals?

China - $51,000 (350,000 yuan) Central sports officials in China have not said how high the bonuses they give will be, but the Chinese-language Sports Weekly reported they are likely to hand gold medal winners 350,000 yuan ($51,000) each, plus big payments shared out from sponsors.

Who were the winners in men's 10 m platform at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Chen Aisen of China won the gold medal German Sanchez of Mexico won the silver medal David Boudia of US won the bronze medal

Who were the winners in men's freestyle 86 kg wrestling at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Abdulrashis Sadulaev of Russia won the gold medal Selim Yasar of Turkey won the silver medal J'den Cox of US won the bronze medal