When did UEFA Intertoto Cup end?

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UEFA Intertoto Cup ended in 2008.

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Q: When did UEFA Intertoto Cup end?
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When was UEFA Intertoto Cup created?

UEFA Intertoto Cup was created in 1961.

When did UEFA Cup Winners' Cup end?

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup ended in 1999.

How many times have olympique lyonnais fc won the uefa?

Olympique Lyonnais has NEVER won the Uefa Champions League or Europa League. However, it has won the InterToto Cup, once, in 1997.

What player has played in all English divisions fa and league cup champions league uefa cup uefa super cup intertoto cup fifa club championship commuity shield la liga and his country?

Kanu , and he is the only footballer to be relegated as well , with Portsmouth.

What year did Aston Villa last win any cup?

The last trophy Aston Villa won was in 2001, the UEFA InterToto Cup. They beating Basel in the final over two legs.

What cup did Aston villa win?

the European cup, FA cup, Leauge Cup and the Peace cup and the intertoto

Who is the only premier league player who has played in the champions league world cup fa cup league cup uefa cup?

Michael ballack, Nicolas anelka, World cup with France, champions league with Chelsea, Liverpool, real Madrid and fenebache, fa cup with Chelsea, Liverpool or Bolton, league cup the same, uefa cup with Bolton, Paris saint germain or fenebache. he has also played in the confederations cup the intertoto cup and the charity shield.

How many times won brazil the uefa cup?

UEFA CUP is played by UEFA clubs. Brazil is not a UEFA club.

When was UEFA Cup Winners' Cup created?

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was created in 1960.

When was UEFA Futsal Cup created?

UEFA Futsal Cup was created in 2001.

When was UEFA Regions' Cup created?

UEFA Regions' Cup was created in 1996.

When was UEFA Super Cup created?

UEFA Super Cup was created in 1972.

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