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Troy Aikman NFL Football happened in 1994.

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Q: When did Troy Aikman NFL Football happen?
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When was Troy Aikman NFL Football created?

Troy Aikman NFL Football was created in 1994-08.

Whose the best football player in the NFL?

Troy Aikman

What is the value of an NFL football signed by Troy Aikman?

$500 at the least $1,000 at the most

Did Joe Montana and Troy Aikman play football at the same time?

In the NFL, yes, between 1989-1994.Joe Montana's NFL career spanned 1979-1994. Troy Aikman's NFL career spanned 1989-2000.

Is Troy Aikman in the NFL hall of fame?

Technically, no. There is no NFL hall of fame. He is, however, in the pro football hall of fame.

How many touchdowns did Troy Aikman have in the NFL?

Troy Aikman threw for 165 TDs in his career and rushed for 9 TDs.

What is the value of a Wilson NFL official football signed by Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach?

Try e-bay and put a reserve on the item.

Who were the contestants in the 1995 NFL Quarterback Challenge?

Troy Aikman

What NFL star did a cameo in GI Jane?

Troy Aikman

Who was the cowboys 1 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft?

Troy Aikman

The last UCLA QB with a NFL winning record?

It would have to be Troy Aikman

Was Tony Romo a third string quarterback for Troy Aikman?

No. In fact, Aikman had retired from the NFL before Romo ever started playing.

Is Troy Aikman still alive?

Yes, he's working as an announcer for NFL games

What NFL qb won mvp for Super Bowl xxvii and is an NFL commentator now?

troy aikman as of 2008 season start

What NFL QB has had the most concussions?

Steve Young I believe had 7 in his career. Troy Aikman had 10....not sure if any QB in the NFL had more than that...

What NFL football player has hair extensions?

Troy Polamalu

What NFL quarterbacks wear number 8?

well troy aikman, steve young matt hasselbeck sam bradford and many more

Who is a better player John Elway or Troy Aikman?

John Elway. Elway did more with less than any quarterback in NFL history. Aikman was a fine quarterback, but he wasn't in John Elway's league.

Who was the winningest qb in the 90's?

Troy Aikman is the winningest quarterback of any decade in NFL history with 90 victories in the 90s

How many Pro Bowls did Troy Aikman play?

Troy was voted to 6 Pro Bowls but only played in 1 of them (1993). He wishes that the Pro Bowl would be discontinued by the NFL.

Best NFL football player?

troy polamalu

Who is the top NFL football player?

troy polamalu

What was Troy Aikman's career record?

Aikman was 94-71 during his career with the Dallas Cowboys (1989-2000). He won more games -- 90 -- during the 1990s than any other NFL quarterback.

When did Madden NFL Football happen?

Madden NFL Football happened in 2011.

Which NFL football players wear number 43?

Troy Polamalu