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Wills first mentioned formation of various sporting bodies in a letter published in Bell's Life (a sporting newspaper) in July 1858. In May 1859 he and six others including J.B. Thompson, W.J.Hammersley and Tom Smith met initially in the Parade Hotel and the first set of ten simple rules were written. He was also on the committee when the Melbourne Football club was formed a few days prior to the rules meetings. Controversy surrounds the influence of the Indigenous game, commonly known as Marn Grook, on Wills development of football. He grew up amongst the Djab Wurrung people of the Grampians region in Western Victoria. The Djab Wurrung played a game which, according to a few people, includes football-like aspects. The influence of the Indigenous game on Australian Rules Football is topically a subject of fierce debate.

However, forms of football quite akin to the rules drawn up by the seven men, had been around for perhaps 10 years before the formalization of Wills and his team.

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Q: When did Tom Wills invent the Australian Football League rules?
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Who invented the Australian football league?

Tom Wills.

Who was the founder of Australian Football League?

Tom Wills is recognized as the founder of the game of "Aussie Rules Football" back in the 1850's and 1860's. He was not the founder, however, of the AFL, which was founded, as such, in 1990. The Victorian Football League was the first major league founded in Australia for playing the game, in 1896.

Why did tom wills invent AFL?

Tom Wills invested Australian Rules Football (AFL is a leage, not a sport - the sport is Australian Rules) to keep cricketers fit during winter. A letter by Tom Wills was published in Bell's Life in Victoria & Sporting Chronicle on 10 July 1858, calling for a "foot-ball club," or some other "athletic game," with a "code of laws" to keep cricketers fit during winter.

What language did Burke and Wills speak?

Australian explorers Burke and Wills spoke English.

Has an Australian created a sport?

In 1857, Tom Wills, one of the founders of Australian Football, returned to Australia after schooling in England where he was football captain of Rugby School and a brilliant cricketer. Initially, he advocated the winter game of football as a way of keeping cricketers fit during off-season. The new game was devised by Wills, his cousin H.C.A. Harrison, W.J. Hammersley and J.B. Thompson.

What has the author Greg De Moore written?

Greg De Moore has written: 'Tom Wills' -- subject(s): Biography, Australian football, Pioneers, History

Victorian football league?

The VFL was where the AFL originated. A man named Thomas Wills had designed the game with his two brothers, for cricketers to remain fit during winter in the off season. Tom, being a Victorian himself decided that he would make a league out of the game called the Victorian Football League. A total of 12 teams were in the league including some from todays league like the Geelong cats. The sport eventually spread to other states and the Australian Football League was created. There are now 16 teams in the official AFL and two more are in the making. One being from the Gold Coast and one being from Sydney.

What were the names of the two Australian Explorer?

Burke and Wills.

Who started Australian rules football?

the original rules were made by a group of men in Victoria in May 1859, among them being Jerry Bryant, JB Thompson, William Hammersley and Tom Wills.

When did Burke and Wills cross Australia?

Burke and Wills made their ill-fated expedition to cross the Australian continent in 1860-1861.

When did Burke and Wills leave for the expedition?

Australian explorers Burke and Wills departed on their expedition on Monday, 20 August 1860, from Royal Park, Melbourne.

Did Australian Rules Football originate from a sport that Indigenous Australians created?

No. The game was created by Tom Wills in Melbourne in the 1880s. His idea was to create a 'foot-ball' game to keep cricketers fit during winter.