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He signed his 40 million Dollar contract with Nike just after he turned pro in August 1996. He also signed a 20 million Dollar contract Titleist at the same time.

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Q: When did Tiger Woods sign his 40 million Dollar contract with Nike?
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How much was Tiger woods original contract for Nike worth?

$100 million over 5 years

Does Tiger Woods get paid 418 million dollars?

Tiger woods gets paid 418 million dollars.

How much does Tiger Woods home cost?

Tiger Woods home is worth 37 million

How much is ATT sponsorship with Tiger Woods?

As an At&t employee, I believe I read 8 million/year with a multi-year contract.

What are Tiger Woods charitys?

240 million

What things did Tiger Woods accomplish?

1 dollar

How much does tiger woods pay in taxes?

The exact amount Tiger Woods pays in taxes is unknown. However, he lives in Florida where there is no state income tax. His federal tax bill based on his multi-million dollar earnings is 49 percent.

What did Tiger Woods earn in 2009?

$20.5 Million

How much did tiger woods ex-wife get after the divorce?

100 million

Who was Tiger Woods first sponsor?

Tiger Woods became a professional golfer in August 1996, and signed endorsement deals worth $40 million from Nike and $20 million from Titleist.

How much is Tiger Woods house?

As of 3/21/2008, Tiger Woods is rumored to have recently purchased a house in the Hamptons for $65 million.

How much was Tiger Woods yacht?

Tiger Woods yacht, Privacy, reportedly cost $20 million and was built by Christensen Shipyards in Washington.

What was Tiger Woods' earnings in 2008?

Despite a short season, Tiger Woods still made $117.3 Million in 2008 in total earnings.

What is the gross income of Tiger Woods?

68 Million dollars

How much money did Tiger Woods earn in 2007?

According to Golf Digest, Tiger Woods made 122 million dollars in 2007 from winnings and endorsements.

Who makes more yearly income Tiger Woods or Sean combes?

In 2008 Tiger Woods was the highest paid athlete in the world, he earned $110 million.

Who richer between aliko dangote and Tiger Woods?

Aliko Dangote is richer then Tiger Woods by a land slide. Aliko Dangote is worth $11.2 billion Tiger Woods is worth $600 million

What does it cost Tiger Woods to play in the masters?

4.3 million dollars

How much money did Tiger Woods win?

90.5 million dollars

Who has the most endorsment money?

tiger woods had 100 million i think

Who was the first golfer to win ten million dollars?

Tiger Woods

Who is the richest sports person in 2008?

Tiger woods. 100 million

How much money did tiger woods win today?

$10.5 million

How much does Tiger Woods make a week?

i think that if tiger woods makes 88 million a year then if you divide that by 52 then you will get the answer because there are 52 weeks ina year.

How much money did Tiger Woods make in 2009?

According to Forbes (which lists him as the world's richest athlete), Tiger Woods made $110 million from 2008 to 2009.