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Q: When did Steph curry start playing in the NBA?
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Who is the best shooter in the NBA right know?

Steph Curry is the best shooter in the nba currently

How many Rings does steph curry have from the Nba?

Stephen Curry has 1 ring after winning the 2015 NBA Finals with his team the Golden State Warriors.

Is Jeremy lin in NBA 2k 10?

yes he is but he isnt that good at all, hes only a 56 overall and he is the back up to steph curry on the golden state warriors

What year did amare stoutdemire start playing in the nba?

amare started playing in the nba in 2002.

When did lebronjames start playing in NBA?

The Cavaliers

Is seth curry in nba 2k14?


Who is stephen curry?

Dell Curry (Former NBA player) great shooter

When did Rajon Rondo start playing baskteball?

NBA 2007

Who was the MVP of the NBA in 2016?

Stephen Curry

Who is Stephen Curry father?

Dell Curry (Former NBA player) great shooter

Did dale curry the make NBA all-star team?

The player you must be referring to is Dell Curry. He was never on a NBA All Star team

When did Lebron James start playing in the NBA?

His first season was 2003.