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The San Diego Chargers start to play good in 2009 at the beginning of December.

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Q: When did San Diego Chargers start to play good?
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What team does Antonio Gates play on currently?

Antonio Gates plays for the San Diego Chargers.

What state do the Chargers play for?

The Chargers represent the city of San Diego which is in the state of California.

Who did Drew Brees used to play for?

Drew Brees plays for the New Orleans Saints.

How many players play on the San Diego Chargers?


What team does Ryan Matthews play for?

San Diego chargers

Who does Patrick crayton play football for?

San Diego Chargers

When did Chargers start playing football?

The Chargers were a charter team of the American Football League when it began play in 1960. That year they played in Los Angeles and moved to San Diego in 1961.

Where Micheal tuner play before he play for Atlanta Falcons?

San Diego Chargers.

Where did the San Diego Chargers play on December 16 2012?

On December 16, 2012, the San Diego Chargers played at home against the Carolina Panthers. The Chargers lost the game, 31-7.

How many NFL teams did TerryCrews play for?

san Diego chargers

Which team did LaDainian Tomlinson play for in 2004?

San Diego Chargers

What songs do they play during San Diego Chargers games?

Your dick