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Rio ferdinand became the captain of england because john terry was removed for racially abusing QPR defender anton ferdinand.

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Q: When did Rio Ferdinand become England's Captain?
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Who is the englan team football captain?

Rio Ferdinand is englands football team captain!

Who is englands football squad number 5?

Rio ferdinand

Who is a better football captain Frank Lampard or Rio Ferdinand?

Lampard is not currently a Captain. Ferdinand is.

Is Rio Ferdinand captain?


Who is the current England captain?

Rio Ferdinand

Who is englands football captin?

Steven Gerrard for the rest of the World Cup seeing as Rio Ferdinand is injured.

Since john terry has been striped of captain who is captain?

Rio Ferdinand

Who has been captain of Manchester United?

Rio Ferdinand

Who is England football clubs captain?

Rio Ferdinand

Who is captain of Manchester United?

Gary Neville or Rio Ferdinand.

Who was the captain of Manchester United against Liverpool 23032008?

Rio Ferdinand

Who is the current captain of Manchester united?

Gary Neville - Rio Ferdinand NOW

Who is the captain of England in Fifa world cup 2010?

The England National Football Team chose Rio Ferdinand as the team captain.

What is the birth name of Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand's birth name is Rio Gavin Ferdinand.

Are Rio Ferdinand and Les Ferdinand related?

Rio and Les Ferdinand are cousins. Anton, Rio's brother, is also a Premier League football player.

Will Frank Lampard Ever Be Englan Captain?

If Capello chooses Rio Ferdinand over him, I shouldn't think so.

What relation are Rio and Anton Ferdinand?

Rio and Anton Ferdinand are brothers.

What nicknames does Rio Ferdinand go by?

Rio Ferdinand goes by Ferdz.

Who is captain of Manchester United fc?

Rio Ferdinand is the current team captain of Manchester United he took over from Gary Nevillen at the end of the 2010-2011 season

When was Rio Ferdinand born?

Rio Ferdinand was born on November 7, 1978.

Who is better Rio Ferdinand or his brother?

Rio Ferdinand is far superior to Anton.

What is Rio Ferdinand's birthday?

Rio Ferdinand was born on November 7, 1978.

Who is Rioย Ferdinand's agent?

Rio Ferdinand's agent is Israeli Pini Zahavi.

Is Rio Ferdinand left handed or right handed?

Rio Ferdinand is Left Handed

How many players in englands 2006 world cup squad were also in the 1998 squad?

There were four players that played in both competitions. They are Michael Owen, David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville.