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Rafael Iglesias - boxer - died in 1999.

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Q: When did Rafael Iglesias - boxer - die?
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When was Rafael Iglesias - boxer - born?

Rafael Iglesias - boxer - was born in 1924.

When was Rafael Lima - boxer - born?

Rafael Lima - boxer - was born in 1983.

When was Rafael Márquez - boxer - born?

Rafael Márquez - boxer - was born on 1975-03-25.

When did Miguel Iglesias die?

Miguel Iglesias died in 1909.

When did Herminio Iglesias die?

Herminio Iglesias died in 2007.

When did Santiago Iglesias die?

Santiago Iglesias died on 1939-12-05.

When did Ezequiel Gutiérrez Iglesias die?

Ezequiel Gutiérrez Iglesias died in 1920.

When did Ramon Iglesias i Navarri die?

Ramon Iglesias i Navarri died in 1972.

When did Pablo Iglesias die?

Pablo Iglesias died on 1925-12-09.

When did Fernando Iglesias 'Tacholas' die?

Fernando Iglesias 'Tacholas' died in 1991.

When did Pepe Iglesias die?

Pepe Iglesias died on 1991-03-04.

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