When did Phoenix Nights end?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Phoenix Nights ended on 2002-09-12.

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Q: When did Phoenix Nights end?
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What is the duration of Phoenix Nights?

The duration of Phoenix Nights is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Phoenix Nights created?

Phoenix Nights was created on 2001-01-14.

What are the ratings and certificates for Phoenix Nights - 2001?

Phoenix Nights - 2001 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M UK:15

What kind of television show is Phoenix Nights?

Officially known as "Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights" is a British situation comedy. The comedy focuses on The Phoenix Club, a men's club for the working class locals in a northern English town.

When was End of Nights created?

End of Nights was created on 2009-10-09.

What is Dave Spikey best known for?

Dave Spikey is an English actor, comedian, and author. Dave Spikey is known for his appearances with Peter Kay in "Phoenix Nights". Phoenix Nights is an English sitcom, about a club in northern England.

How do you defeat the mother Phoenix on astro nights?

To defeat the phoenix on Astro Nights island you need to avoid the little bugs and clouds the when the phoenix pops up hold down the left mouse button and release the large energy boost. you need to do this three times. i hope this helped. ^^

What actors and actresses appeared in Four Nights at the Phoenix - 2013?

The cast of Four Nights at the Phoenix - 2013 includes: Scot Cooper as Lebbeus Russel de Jager as The Man Emma Johannes as Akrasia Anele Matoti as Victor

What was the score of last nights Phoenix vs Detroit?

Suns 117- Pistons 91

Name the guy peter kay plays in phoenix nights?

He plays Brian Potter.

How many episodes of Phoenix Nights were made?

12 episodes were broadcast between 2002 and 2003.

When did Phoenix Christ end?

Phoenix Christ ended in 2007.