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Pakistan Never qualified :|

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โˆ™ 2012-10-07 14:53:22
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Q: When did Pakistan football team qualify in football world cup?
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Dous Pakistan have a football team?

every country has a team but they have to qualify to get into regional or world competitions Also pakistans main sport isn't football it is mainly Cricket, so not many good players come from that region of the world

What is the football team of Pakistan?

I guess there is no international football team of Pakistan.

How many t20 world cup qualify by Pakistan team?

i think Pakistan had qualified every world cup , but i am a bit confused

What African team was the first to qualify for a World Cup Football final?

The first African country to qualify for the world cup was Cameroon.

Which was the first ARABIC team to ever qualify for the football world cup?


Does andorra have a soccer team?

Yes Andora has a football team. but they are a week team and do not qualify for the Euro or the world cup.

Does Pakistan have a football team?


How Many team are participate in world Cup Football?

About 200 countries try to qualify for the World Cup. 32 make it.

Croatia world cup 2010 football manager?

Croatia did not qualify for 2010 fifa world cup. Slaven Bilic is the current manager of Croatia football team.

What is the ranking Pakistan football time?

Pakistan football team ranks 200 in 2017. But had a better ranking in 1993 at 143. Since 1993 postion of Pakistan team gradually gowing downwards.

How long does it take for a new football team from England to qualify for EPL?


Is Ryan Giggs in the Welsh national team?

No. Ryan Giggs retired from international football in 2007. Wales did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

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