When did Owen Crossman die?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Owen Crossman died in 1963.

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Q: When did Owen Crossman die?
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When was Owen Crossman born?

Owen Crossman was born on 1903-11-14.

When did Abdiel Crossman die?

Abdiel Crossman died in 1859.

When did George Crossman die?

George Crossman died in 1947.

When did William Crossman die?

William Crossman died in 1901.

When did Samuel Crossman die?

Samuel Crossman died on 1683-02-04.

When did Richard Crossman die?

Richard Crossman died on 1974-04-05.

When did Edgar G Crossman die?

Edgar G Crossman died on 1967-01-28.

When did Owen Wyn Owen die?

Owen Wyn Owen died in 2012.

What is the birth name of Kimberley Crossman?

Kimberley Crossman's birth name is Kimberley Frances Crossman.

When did Will Owen die?

Will Owen died in 1981.

When did Owen Owen - school inspector - die?

Owen Owen - school inspector - died in 1920.

When was Samuel Crossman born?

Samuel Crossman was born in 1623.