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people start wearing clothes in Olympics when they feel they are looking worst dangerous shameless

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Q: When did Olympic athletes start to wear clothes?
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What kind of workout bottoms do Olympic athletes wear?

Olympic athletes have long since formed an opinion about their equiptment, and their tastes vary widely. However, most athletes wear clothes with "moisture transport" which wicks perspiration from the skin to the air so that you stay drier. This also cuts down on odor.

What did the ancient olympic athletes wear?

nothing (They competed in the nude.)

What did the athletes wear in the Olympic games?

They wore the olympic gear such as : Trainers, Shorts and t-shirt.

What do olympic cyclists wear?

Tight clothes, unless you Usain Bolt.

What clothes did they wear in th 1896 olympic games?

they did not wear any clothes but oil (men). well that was in the ancient Olympics not this modern Olympics. today they wear clothes.

When did Olympians start to wear clothes?

No idea :D

What do people wear for clothes that start with k?


What athletes wear Champion workout clothes?

Champion workout clothes are worn by athletes in all types of sports. Football players, baseball players and hockey players can all be seen wearing the shorts, shirts and undergarments made by Champion.

Name a sport in which the athletes don't wear a lot of clothes?

Basketball Swimming volleyball Soccer Tennis Wrestling Boxing

How do you put clothes on your newborn baby on the sims2?

Newborns can't wear clothes. They just wear their fancy diaper (lol). When they turn into toddlers, they can start wearing clothes.

What are some clothes that you wear that start with the letter 'R'?

A robe

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Jumpsuits, jeans, jackets,