When did Nottingham Cricket Club end?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Nottingham Cricket Club ended in 1841.

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Q: When did Nottingham Cricket Club end?
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When was Nottingham Cricket Club created?

Nottingham Cricket Club was created in 1771.

When did Tioga Cricket Club end?

Tioga Cricket Club ended in 1896.

When was Nottingham Rowing Club created?

Nottingham Rowing Club was created in 2006.

When was Nottingham University Handball Club created?

Nottingham University Handball Club was created in 1992.

What is a cricket club called?

Cricket Club!

What is the name of the cricket grould in Nottingham?

Trent Bridge

Who founded AC Milan?

Associazione Calcio Milan was founded December 16, 1899 by Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin(from Nottingham, England) as the Milan Cricket and Football Club.

What is a provider of wireless solutions in Nottingham England?

Radcomm is a Provider of Wireless Solution in Nottingham, England. Cricket, Emnet and ineedbroadband are also providers of Wireless Solutions in Nottingham.

In the world of cricket what does 'MCC' stand for?

Marylebone Cricket Club

When was Poloc Cricket Club created?

Crompton Cricket Club was created in 1896.

What division does Nottingham Forest participate in?

Nottingham Forest football club plays in the Top Division.

For what clubs did Bob Chapman play?

Bob Chapman, born on 18th of August, 1946, was commonly known as Sammy Chapman. He Played cricket for many clubs including, Nottingham Forest Football Club, Notts County Football Club and Burton Albion Football Club.