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Newcastle have never won the Premier League. Their last top division triumph was in 1927.

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Q: When did Newcastle utd win the premier league?
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What year did Newcastle win the premier league?

Newcastle have never won the premier league the highest they have ever finished was second

Did man utd win the premier league this season?


Will Newcastle ever win the premier league?

They had won it in 1995

When did Man Utd first win the premier league?


How many times has Newcastle United won the Premier League?

As of the 2013-14 season, Newcastle United are yet to win the English Premier League.

Are Newcastle going to win the premier league next season?

Tottenham hotspur for the win!!!!!!!

How many time did Man Utd win the premier league title?

10 times

Who is going to win the league man you or city?

City have the goal difference but have Newcastle if they win that then they are the champions but otherwise Man Utd will win it :)

How many trophies did man utd win in the 2008-2009 season?

2. Carling Cup and Premier League

Who scored the first goal in premier league ever?

It was Brian Deane, who scored in the 5th minute for Sheffield Utd against Man Utd at Bramall Lane on 15 August 1992. Sheffield Utd won the game 2-1; Man Utd went on to win the league...

When did Liverpool last win premier league?

They never have, only 4 teams ever have; -Man Utd -Chelsea -Arsenal -Blackburn

How many times has Newcastle won the premier league?

None, since the premier league began in 1993 only Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City have won the title. Newcastle did, however, win several titles under the old league format, known simply as Division One.

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