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Assuming you mean in the union code; The first New Zealand touring side to travel abroad went to New South Wales in 1884 and won all 8 games, which included three games with a New South Wales Representative side. 167 points were scored to 17. However, the first New Zealand touring side under the control of the New Zealand RFU, visited New South Wales & Queensland, Australia in 1893. Sadly this side was still not fully representative of the greater New Zealand since three unions were not included in the selection i.e. Otago, Canterbury & Southland (they joined the NZ union in 1895). Despite this, the tourists won 9 out of 10 games, 168 points to 44.

The first New Zealand representative rugby team to tour beyond Australia were called "The Natives", they played their first game in Britain on 3 October 1888. The Natives had originally been called New Zealand Maori. After five Pakeha were selected to strengthen the touring party it was renamed by its promoter on the basis that all 26 team members were New Zealand born. In fact two had in fact been born overseas. Most of the team assembled at a training camp near Napier in May 1888, and they played their first match against Hawke's Bay on 23 June.

The name "All Blacks" did not appear anywhere until 1905 when the tourists visted Devon in the UK and a reporter refered to the new strip which was now ALL BLACK rather than white shorts and navy blue tops . The phrase "All Blacks " stuck for the remainder fo that tour where the press continued to refer to the team as "The All Blacks"

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the year they won the world cup

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Q: When did NZ start playing rugby league?
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