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Q: When did NZ start playing rugby league?
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What is the NZ rugby league team called?

The NZ rugby league team are called the Kiwis

What is rugby nrl?

NRL (National Rugby League) is a rugby league code game were RL teams vs in Australia and NZ.

Did Dan Carter ever play rugby league?

NO. Dan Carter never played rugby league in his life. There was no rugby league where he was brought up in Canterbury and that goes for much of NZ. its only a very minor sport in NZ.

What ruben wiki?

Ruben Wiki the Rugby League Legend of the NZ Warriors and NZ Kiwis!!

Who is the captain the new zealand rugby league team?

Benji Marshall is the captain of the NZ Rugby League team (2010).

Who is the most capped nz player in rugby league?

Ruben Wiki

What leagues are there in rugby?

In rugby league theres Super League National league 1 National league 2 there the professional ones but i dont no if theres a third ------------------------------------------------------ NRL (National Rugby League) Super League Lebanese Rugby League (Lebrl) Four Nations league (Australia, NZ, PNG, England) South East Asia League (Thailand, Laos, NZ, Australia, China, Vietnam, Korea) European league (France, Wales, Italy, Norway, Denmark, MORE!) New Zealand Rugby League Amercian National Rugby League (AMNRL)

How many people play rugby in New Zealand?

Rugby Union is NZ second most popular sport Rugby League is fourth.

When is rugby league live the console game available to buy in nz?

It went out on November 2010

How long has ruben wiki been playing league for?

Ruben has been playing rugby league since he was 8 years old, he has played Professional since he was 20 years old for the Canberra Raiders, and retired at 35 years old for NZ Warriors......

How many people like Rugby?

Rugby League is Australia's second most popular sport. Rugby Union is played in alot of countries including SA, NZ, England and Europe.

What tournaments are rugby league?

There are: NRL (National Rugby League) AMNRL (Amercian Rugby League) Four nations (Aus, NZ, PNG, England) State of Origin (Queensland and NSW) LEBRL (Lebanese Rugby League) SEARL (South East Asia Rugby League - Samoa, Tonga, Cook islands) EuropeRL (Wales, Italy, France) World Cup (Lebanon, Australia, England, PNG, others havn't been confirmed)

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