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Q: When did Muhammad Ali annouce that he had Perkinson's Disease?
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Does Muhammad Ali Have Lou Garrison disease?

no ali has parkinsons disease

When was Ali diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984.

How did Muhammad Ali overcome Parkinson's disease?

he didnt

What disorder did Muhammad ali develop?

Parkinson's Disease.

What is the disease that Muhammad Ali has?

Although suffering from Parkinson's disease, Muhammed Ali is, to my knowledge, still alive.

Did Muhammad ali have any brain syndromes?

He has Parkinson's Disease.

Why is Muhammad ali in a wheel chair?

He has Parkinson's disease. He is dying.

Does Muhammad ali have any illness?

Yes, Parkinson disease.

Why did muhammad ali stop fighting?

He has a progressively disabling disease.

What date did Muhammad Ali get diagnosed with Parkison's disease?


Why can't Muhammad ali talk?

He suffers from parkinson's disease

What medical condition is former boxer Muhammad Ali suffering from?

AnswerParkinson's disease