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Q: When did Michigan wolverines last win the big ten championship in football?
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Who won the last football meeting between the Michigan Wolverines and Vanderbilt?

Michigan, 27-7, on September 2, 2006.

When did Michigan State beat Ohio State in football?

1965 (Alabama) and 1966 (Notre Dame) they spilt the national championship and in 1962 they won it outright.

What was the last football team Chris Perry played for before retiring?

The last football team Chris Perry played for before retiring was the Michigan Wolverines. He helped the team reach the playoffs where they lost in the first round.

When was the last time two teams won the national college football championship?

In 1997 Nebraska and Michigan shared the title.

When was the last time university of Michigan played Michigan state university in football when both teams were undefeated?

1999. 11th ranked Spartans defeated the 4th ranked Wolverines 34-31 in East Lansing.

Are the Michigan Wolverines a football team?

Not historically. Michigan is the winningest college football program of all-time. But don't let that fool you. Any school could have that title had they been playing football since the 1800's. As of right now, though, State has won the last 2 matches over Michigan and has attended bowl games, while Michigan sat at home.

When was the last time the Alamogordo Tiger football team won the state championship?

they've never won a football state championship.

When was the last football championship Notre dame won?


What season was the last national championship Michigan won?


When was the last time Alabama played for the National Football Championship?


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