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2006 - Notre Dame

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Q: When did Michigan take over the lead for the most football wins?
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What major college football programs have had the most wins over ranked opponents?


Is Ohio State better than Michigan at football?

Yes Yes While Michigan is the winningest football school in NCAA history, Ohio State since 1951 has taken over the spot as the nation's most winning team.

Who has a better football record over the past thirty years Ohio state or Michigan?

michigan has the better record

Are lead pellet guns illegal in Michigan?

No, pellet guns are legal in Michigan as long as they are over 30 inches in length. Lead ammo if perfectly fine and there are no restrictions in using it that I'm aware of.

Is Michigan state better then university of Michigan in football?

Not historically. Michigan is the winningest college football program of all-time. But don't let that fool you. Any school could have that title had they been playing football since the 1800's. As of right now, though, State has won the last 2 matches over Michigan and has attended bowl games, while Michigan sat at home.

What college football team has the worst arrest record over the past four years?

University of Michigan

When was first televised football game at University of Michigan?

The first telecast of a Michigan footballgame occurred on Sept. 27, 1947, a 55-0 victory by the Wolverines over Michigan State at MichiganStadium.

What college football stadium seats over 100000?

The Big House, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI

Which sport do more people play worldwide Football or Basketball?

Football (Soccer) is the most popular and widely played sport worldwide. It is also the most commercialised giving it a multi-billion dollar lead over any other sport in the world.

Who has the best college football stadiem?

Michigan Stadium. After renovations starting in 2008, " The Big House", as Michigan Stadium is nick-named, will have a capacity of 109,901. It is the largest football stadium in America, and has set attendance records with over 112,000 fans. The Big House is where the University of Michigan Wolverines play. Its located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What is the most popular sport in Nevada?

Football. people go crazy over football

What is Michigan football record versus PAC 10 teams?

There record is 16-13 over Pac 10 teams.

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