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His first Olympics were in Sydney in 2000.

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Q: When did Michael Phelp start swimming?
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What year did Michael phelp join the Olympics swimming games?


What is Michael Phelp's email?

When did Michael Phelps hurt his back?

Actually, Michael Phelp's sister hurt hur back and had to lose her career for swimming. She was about to go to the olympics when she hurt her back.

What is Michael Phelp's nickname?

The Baltimore bullet

Who is Michael Phelp's coach?

Bob Bowman

Who is Michael Phelps's dad?

The Phelp's family had not released who he is or was.

When is Michael phelp's birthday?

June 30, 1985

What age did Michael Phelps start swimming?

Michael Phelps began swimming at age 7 at the North Baltimore Swimming Club.

Who are the best swimmiers?

Michael Phelp is world's best swimmer

What was Michael Phelp's greatest challenge?

Holding on to his world records.

What country has won most gold swimming in the last 5 years?

I think it's the U.S. because Michael Phelp's just broke the record for most gold medals won at one Olympics this summer. I think it's the U.S. because Michael Phelp's just broke the record for most gold medals won at one Olympics this summer.

Does Michael phelp's have any children?

No, he isn't married and doesn't have children.

Does Michael Phelps speak to his father?

The Phelp's family has not released such a statement.

Which event did Michael phelp won?

Michael phelps won all glod medals in the bejiing Olympics

Where was Michael phelp first Olympics?

2000 Was his first Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

What year did Syncronised swimming start?

When michael jackson was born.

Why did Michael Phelps start swimming?

beacuase of the influence of his sisters

Did Michael Phelps run track?

No he did swimming only from the start.

Who influnced Michael Phelps to start swimming?

his two sisters

What year did Michael Phelps start swimming in the olympics?


How much calories did Michael Phelp eat?

About 12000 calories a day

Is Michael Phelps's father alive?

Michael Phelp's father is alive you just don't hear about him much because Michael's parents divorced when he was young.

Where does Michael Phelps' father live?

Michael Phelp's father lives in Maryland. The two of them are not close, as they were separated when Michael was little. The separation was due to Michael's parents getting a divorce.

What is Michael Phelp's team?

Club Wolverine North Baltimore Aquatics Club

Where did Michael Phelps start swimming?

NBAC (North Baltimore Aquatic Club)

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