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about 18 or less years.He retired after a few years.

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21 ... at a "professional" level.

during high school he played both Basketball & Baseball, preferring baseball until he went to college.

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Q: When did Michael Jorden play basketball?
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What positoin did Michael jorden play in basketball?

shooting guard

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=== ===

When did Michael Jorden retire from basketball?


What sports did Michael jorden play?

NBA basketball from 1984-1996 Minor league baseball back to the NBA 2002-2004

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When did Michael jorden die?

If you're talking about the basketball player, he is not dead. yeah

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What state did Micheal jorden play professional basketball at?

he played for the Chicago Bulls

How did Michael Jorden become famous?

He played professional basketball with the Chicago Bulls,winning 6 championships in a decade

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yah! i think she played basket ball with chris brown

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micheal jorden