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Michael Jordan's final game in the NBA was April 16, 2003.

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Q: When did Michael Jordan stop playing basketball?
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Why did Michael Jordan stop playing basketball?

He got shot in the kneecaps by a miidget with a tumor

When did Michael Jordan stop playing Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan stopped playing for the Chicago Bulls in 2003

What year Michael Jordan stop playing basketball?

he stoped 1994 and 1995 but he was back for the orlando series in 1996 ecf

Why did Michael Jordan stop playing?

Michael Jordan stop playing because he wanted to try to achieve another sport which was baseball, but he did come back, but when he retired again it because he wanted to give the world something great other than his basketball skills, and that was his creations of his shoes.

When did Michael Jordan stop playing baseball?

Jordan ended his career with the Birmingham Barons in 1995.

What year did Micheal Jordan stop playing basketball?

I think because he got old

What year did Michael Jordan stop playing for the Chicago Bulls?

June 14, 1998

Why does Michael Jordan have a Hitler mustache?

Because you can't stop Michael Jordan, you can only hope to contain him.

Who could stop Michael Jordan?

LeBron James

What basketball term that starts with the letter K?

There are none... stop playing basketball

What age do you stop playing basketball when you play pro basketball?

34 - 41

Does Michael Jordan like zebras?

stop being mean to zebras

When did Micheal Jordan stop playing for the Chicago Bulls?


What illness can stop you from palying basketball?

No illness can stop you from playing football. Many illnesses will stop you from playing competitive football fro major leagues.

Why you have to pass the ball when playing basketball?

you do not have to pass the ball, but you do if you stop your dribble

What is a Michael Jordan Jerry West card worth?

get a life stop trading cards

What did Michael Jordan do after he got out of playing basketball?

Michael Jordan became a very successful lawyer after finishing with law, the court decided that he could be head of the English American Law University and he accepted. Now after his wife and kids died after an accident he is recently a drug addict he decided to stop by going in to rehab. He's gonna out of rehab two month ago and is deciding to play Basket ball again but not for NBA but for the needy children.

What happened to Michael Jordan dad?

His father was called by two teenagers at a rest stop on the interstate.

Why did magic johson stop playing basketball?

He was diagnosed with HIV(the AIDS virus).

When did Micheal Jordon stop playing basketball?

i think arourn 2001 ish

Who said - You don't stop playing when you get old - You get old when you stop playing?

Michael Pritchard anyhow, originally instead of "playing" it should read "laughing".

How do you unlock Michael Jordan in NBA 2k5?

you play the game , the right way and stop trying to get cheats (:

What type of knee injury can stop you from playing basketball again?

A torn ACL or MCL.

What happens when the season is over for volleyball?

We stop playing it, and in IA, we play Basketball!Yay!!XD

Where would you go to sell Michael Jordan collector plates?

If you have seen an antique shop, stop there and ask? GOOD LUCK!! ;]