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never only in ur dreams

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Q: When did Michael Jordan play for the Orlando Magic?
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Did Jordan ever play for Orlando?


In what state do the Orlando heat play basketball?

There is no such thing as Orlando heat. It is Orlando magic or Miami heat.

Did magic Johnson play for olrlando magic?

Yes,he played for Orlando magic in 1981.

Where do the Orlando Magic currently play?

Orlando, Florida in the Amway Center.....It is in the near downtown of Orlando

When did Michael Jordan play for the wizards?

Yes Michael Jordan did play the Wizards he was number 23 NOT the bulls he was the same number for both.

Were does Michael Jordan's play basketball?

Michael Jordan currently doesn't play basketball due to the fact that he is retired.

Where the Orlando Magic use to play?

Amway arena

Who will win the play off final?

Orlando Magic

What teams did Dwight Howard play for?

Orlando magic

What teams did Michael Jordan play on from when he was young?

michael jordan played for the bulls and for the tigers

Did Michael Jordan play for the sixers?

No, Michael Jordan only played for the Bulls and Wizards.

How many years did Michael Jordan play?

michael jordan played 19 years

Why did Michael Jordan want to play?

Michael Jordan wanted to play because he has tons of fans and he wants more and more.

Where does the magic basketball team play?

they play at amway arena in Orlando Florida

Did Michael Jordan play for?

No. Jordan never played for the Lakers.

What nba team does rashard Lewis play for?

The Orlando Magic

What NBA teams did mickael pietrus play for?

Orlando Magic

Do the Boston Celtic and Orlando Magic play today?


What does E'Twaun Moore play?

E'Twaun Moore plays point guard for the Orlando Magic.

What team does E'Twaun Moore play for?

E'Twaun Moore plays for the Orlando Magic.

What does Elfrid Payton play?

Elfrid Payton plays point guard for the Orlando Magic.

What team does Elfrid Payton play for?

Elfrid Payton plays for the Orlando Magic.

What does Maurice Harkless play?

Maurice Harkless plays small forward for the Orlando Magic.

What team does Maurice Harkless play for?

Maurice Harkless plays for the Orlando Magic.

What Olympics did Michael Jordan play in?

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