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never only in ur dreams

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....... Fu

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Q: When did Michael Jordan play for the Orlando Magic?
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Who did Michael Jordan play against?

Who was Michael Jordan's Arch-Enemy*, Dominique Wilkins, and Magic Johnson.

Did Jordan ever play for Orlando?


Does magic Johnson still play basketball?

No. Michael Jordan doesnt play ball anymore, but im pretty sure he has something to do with the NBA

Did magic Johnson play for olrlando magic?

Yes,he played for Orlando magic in 1981.

In what state do the Orlando heat play basketball?

There is no such thing as Orlando heat. It is Orlando magic or Miami heat.

Where the Orlando Magic use to play?

Amway arena

Who will win the play off final?

Orlando Magic

What position does Tobias Harris play?

Tobias Harris plays for the Orlando Magic.

What position does Maurice Harkless play?

Maurice Harkless plays for the Orlando Magic.

What NBA teams did mickael pietrus play for?

Orlando Magic

What nba team does rashard Lewis play for?

The Orlando Magic

Did Michael Jordan play for?

No. Jordan never played for the Lakers.