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The first time Michael Jordan dunked was when he was in the 7th grade.

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Q: When did Michael Jordan first dunk?
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When was Michael Jordan first dunk?

He made his first Dunk when he was in 7th grade

What was the longest dunk by Michael Jordan?

The longest dunk by Michael Jordan was at the FOUL LINE!!!!!

What was Michael Jordans best dunk?

Michael Jordan's best dunk was air Jordan maybe

Was Michael Jordan the first person to dunk?

I think so

Did Michael Jordan dunk from halfcourt?

No one can dunk from half court, but Michael could dunk from the foul line.

Could Michael Jordan do McGee's double dunk?

Yes, It would be a fairly elementary dunk for Michael Jordan

Can Michael Jordan still dunk?

Yes he still can dunk

What years was Michael Jordan a contestant in the dunk contest?

Michael Jordan participated in the 1985, 1987 and 1988 Slam Dunk Contest. He won the contest in 1987 and 1988.

Can Michael Jordan dunk from half court?


Is Michael Jordan's logo a dunk?


Can Michael Jordan slam dunk?

Yes he can

What is Michael Jordan's famous dunk?

Hisfamous dunk was at the 1988 slam dunk contest when he did a dunk making himself look like that sillouetee on Air Jordan,ultimately making him win the contest

What year did Michael Jordan do his last dunk?

Michael Jordan's last dunk in NBA competition was on April 16, 2003, with 5.2 seconds remaining in the first half of a Washington Wizards road game at the Philadelphia 76ers. It was the last game of the Wizards' season and the last game of Jordan's career.

Why did Michael Jordan get cut if he could dunk?


What was the farthest slam dunk ever?

Michael Jordan

Where can one learn more about a famous Michael Jordan slam dunk?

There are many places one might go to learn more about the famous Michael Jordan slam dunk. In addition the official NBA website, one might also try the Michael Jordan website.

What was the longest slam dunk ever?

Skywalker by Michael Jordan

What year did Michael Jordan dunk on Patrick Ewing?


How did Michael Jordan save the world?

of course Michael Jordan saved the world in basketball with his slam dunks and creativ ways to dunk it

How many slam dunk contests did Michael Jordan win?


Who did Michael Jordan dunk on?

Some of everybody in the NBA that played in his time

How far away has Michael Jordan done a dunk?

5 feett.

How many slam dunk contests did Michael Jordan enter?


Can you dunk on Michael Jordan?

Yea and im only 5 feet

How did Michael Jordan achieve his fame?

He did a slam dunk from half Court