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Michael Collins stepped down in 1970

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Q: When did Michael Collins the astronaut retire?
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When did michael Collins astronaut die?


What Apolll II assistant minded the store while Armstrong and Aldrin made history?

The astronaut was Michael Collins.

Which astronaut was aboard Apollo 11 but did not walk on the Moon?

Michael CollinsMichael Collins

Who is Micheal Collins astronaut?

Michael Collins is a American retired astronaut. who flew in a Gemini spacecraft and the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

What is astronaut Michael Collins address?


How many kids did Michael Collins the astronaut have?

kate ann and Michael jr.

Who was the third astronaut who flew to the moon but did not walk on it?

The third astronaut of Apollo 11 was Michael Collins.

What is the birth place of the astronaut Michael Collins?

Michael Collins is a former NASA astronaut and Brigadier General for the USAF who was born on October 30, 1930. Although he is an American, he was born in Rome, Italy.

When was Michael Collins born?

Michael Collins, the Irish revolutionary and politician, was born on the 16th of October, 1890. Michael Collins, the astronaut, was born on October 31, 1930.

Mother and father name of Michael Collins the astronaut?

Ive told you Mr and Mrs Collins

How old is Michael Collins the astronaut?

Michael Collins, the command module pilot for Apollo 11, was born on October 31, 1930.

Which Apollo 11 astronaut did not land on the moon?


Who were the parents of Michael Collins the astronaut?

His father was a army officer.

What Astronaut stayed on the spaceship and did not go on the moon?

Michael Collins

Is Michael Collins the astronaut alive?

yes, very much so.

When did Michael Collins retire?

Michael Collins declared before the launch of Apollo 11 that this would be his last space flight.

Who was the other astronaut on Apollo 2 besides Armstrong and Aldrin?

Michael Collins

Who was the astronaut that has gone to space with neil Armstrong?

buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins

Who was the 17th astronaut to go in to space?

Michael Collins when he flew on Gemini 10.

Who was third astronaut in Apollo 11?

Michael Collins who orbited the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin descended to and walked on the lunar surface. Michael Collins

What have a famous Irish revolutionary and a famous astronaut got in common?

The name Michael Collins.

What is Michael Collins middle name?

neither the astronaut or the Irish leader has a middle name

What is astronaut Michael Collins email address?

Sorry no Email addresses here please.

Did churchill ever meet Michael Collins?

He must have met the freedom fighter not the astronaut.

What was the name of the astronaut who flew on the Apollo 11 mission and did NOT walk the moon?

Michael Collins