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The 1904 season. Prior to 1904, the season was 140 games long.

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Q: When did MLB go to 154 game season?
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When do 2010 MLB regular season game tickets go on sale?

December 13

How do you cancel an active season in Major League Baseball 2011 The Show for Playstation 3?

Go onto the PS3 Menu and then go onto the game tab and then go onto Saved Game Data and then delete the file that sayd MLB Season.

Is there a way to listen to a live MLB game?

yes, go to and get a subscription to gameday audio. i think it is about $30 for the whole season, which is a good deal.

When did mlb go to 162 game season?

When the American League expanded to 10 teams in the 1961 season their schedule was lengthened to 162 games. When the National League expanded to 10 teams in the 1962 season their schedule was lengthened to 162 games.

Do baseball players get new cleats for every game?

Yes. Some professional baseball players in the MLB have new cleats for each game, especially in the post season. Most, however, will only go through one or two pairs for a whole season.

When do 2011 Major League Baseball all-star tickets go on sale to the general public?

MLB All-Star game tickets are being sold to Arizona Diamondback season ticket holders. As long as you purchase season tickets for the 2011 season, you will be able to buy MLB all star game tickets. There was also a random drawing for MLB all star game tickets, but the deadline was February 18th. The other option is to wait for ticket prices to drop on ticket reseller sites. Link below references comments in blog post.

When did the Major league baseball season go into November?

2001, due to the 9/11 tragedy MLB suspended games for about a week, meaning game 5 of the World Series was to start on Nov. 1st, however game 4 went into extra innings and was the first time an official MLB game was played in the month of November.

What happens in MLB wild card tie?

If the regular season ends and two teams have the same record and are tied for the Wild Card, they go to a one game playoff, where the winner advances into the post season and the loser is eliminated from the playoffs.

When do MLB all-star tickets go on sale?

At the beginning of the 2008 season.

When did the 2009 MLB regular season tickets go on sale?

October 30th

When do MLB all star tickets go on sale?

At the beginning of the 2008 season.

How many foul balls go into the stands in MLB per game average?

it's different each game but the average life of a ball in the mlb is seven pitches

What year did baseball go from 140 games to 154?

In 1920, both the American and National leagues expanded their schedules from 140 games to 154 game schedules.

What season did the NFL go to 16 game regular season?


Do MLB players pay their way to go to the All Star game?

NO, they get voted in by the fans.

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What is the most wins in a season by a MLB team?

The 1906 Chicago Cubs (who hold the National League record) and the 2001 Seattle Mariners (who hold the American League record) both won a Major League record 116 games. The Mariners played a 162 game season, and went 116-46. The Cubs had ten fewer losses, as they were playing a 154 game season, and they had two rainouts that they didn't make up. Neither of these teams won the World Series that season. The Cubs lost the World Series to Chicago's other baseball team, the White Sox, 4 games to 2. The 1906 Cubs are best remembered for their Tinker to Evers to Chance double play combination. The 2001 Mariners are best remembered as the team that let go three of the greatest stars of their generation (Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., and Alex Rodriguez) and then tied the MLB record for most wins in a season. Note: Most MLB losses was by the 62 Mets 120. If you count all the way back to 1899 the Cleveland Spiders lost 134 games.

Winx Club Season 4 game?

go to google and type in winx club season 4 game 1st link :)

Why did they go to 162 games in Major League Baseball?

Both the American League and National League went to a 162 game schedule from a 154 game schedule when they expanded from 8 teams to 10 teams (AL in 1961, NL in 1962). This was done so each team could play the other 9 teams the same number of games. When the AL and NL were 8 team leagues, the teams played 22 games against each other in a season (154 divided by 7 equals 22). By adding 2 teams, if the AL and NL played 154 games in a season, there would be teams playing more games against one team than another team (154 divided by 9 equals 17.111). Going to a 162 game schedule meant the teams could play each other 18 times in a season (162 divided by 9 equals 18).

How do you vote for the Major League Baseball all-star game?

Go to or find a ballot box at an MLB game

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As a NY Met, Wille Mays only made the All-star game once, in 1973, his final season. It was mostly an honorific (as his game play and production was finished for all intents and purposes) , and MLB and the players "knew" he was in his final season. Five years earlier, Mickey Mantle had the a similar honor.

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