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Liverpool were established in 1892. Steven Gerrard signed with Liverpool on 5 November 1997 and his first-team debut was on 29 November 1998, as a substitute against the Blackburn Rovers.

He Is probably the best player in Liverpool history and also is much better than the traitor Fernando Torres

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Q: When did Liverpool start playing Football and when did Liverpools Seven Gerrard start playing in Liverpool.?
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What does Steven Gerrard do for a living?

By playing as a footballer for L.F.C.(Liverpool Football Club)

When did Stephen Gerrard first play for Liverpool?

He began playing for Liverpool in 1998.

What is steven gerrard's?

Steven George Gerrard is born on 30 May, 1980.He is captain of the Liverpool Football team and plays on the England football team also. Whilst playing for Liverpool, he wears the N.O 8 shirt and whilst playing for England wears the N.O 4 shirt. He was born in Liverpool and lives in Liverpool with his wife Mrs. Alexandra Gerrard.Read more: Who_is_Steven_Gerrard

What is Liverpool player steven Gerrard playing number?

Steven Gerrard jersey number is 8.

What are Steven Gerrard's hobbies?

playing football

Who were Liverpool playing against when Gerrard Houllier had a heart attack?

Leeds United

What year did Gerrard start playing football?


Who is Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard is an English footballer and is the captain of the Liverpool Football team and plays on the England football team also. Whilst playing for Liverpool, he wears the number 8 shirt and whilst playing for England wears the number 4 shirt. He married Alexandra "Alex" Curran on June 16, 2007, and the couple have three daughters: Lily-Ella, Lexie, and Lourdes.

How often does Steven Gerrard play football?

Steven Gerrard plays football all year round, playing at Liverpool FC from September to May and on the England international team over the summer. I bet if he has any down time he is still practicing and working on his game.

What other sports does steven Gerrard like playing?


Who takes penalties for Liverpool?

When Gerrard is playing, he takes penalties for liverpool, but otherwise Kuyt takes them. In penalty shoot outs, jamie carragher takes penalties.

What does Steven Gerrard enjoy doing?

Stephen Gerrard obviously likes playing football, as well as chilling out and going out with his mates in his free time.

Where does Fernando Torres Liv?

As Fernando Torres is playing in England for the Liverpool football club, he lives in Liverpool.

When did Steven Gerrard start playing for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool when he come on as substitute for Veggard Heggem on the 29th, November 1998, agains Blackburn Rovers. He made his first start for the side against Celta Vigo in the UEFA Cup,

How long has Stephen Gerrard been playing for?

Steven Gerrard signed his first professional contract with Liverpool on 5 November 1997 and made his Liverpool first team debut on 29 November 1998 in a match against Blackburn Rovers as a last minute substitute.

Why did steven Gerrard start playing football?

because he liked football and he trained for years and mastered the skills then wollAR he was a fotball player.

How long has steven Gerrard played for Liverpool?

He spent 11 years of his youth there (from 1987 to 1998). And from 1998 onwards he is still playing for Liverpool. Currently the total years he's been at Liverpool is 25 years (including his youth). As of 26/11/2012.

How do you get into a football acadamy?

got to a football soccer school like man united, Liverpool, Chelsea and so on or get scouted playing footy.

Why is Liverpool losing this season?

They are losing as they lost Xabi Alonso, and now Steven Gerrard has to sit deeper, and therefore, Torres and Gerrard don't play near eachother. Benitez needs to start playing Aqualani and Mascherano with Gerrard behind Torres, otherwise he's well on his way to getting sacked.

Where are Liverpool and cheasea playing tonight?

they are playing in Anfield in Liverpool

When did Liverpool start playing?

Liverpool started playing in 1892

What does Steven Gerrard do in his spare time?

Steven Gerrard plays practices playing football and does things with his family and wife when he has the chance to! from megan battle omg im hias biggest fan he is so hawwtt!!!!!

Are liverpool good at playing football?

Thanks to Brendan Rodgers and his management skills and desire , Liverpool has become a lot better team in terms of desire and style of play

What was Steven Gerrard's childhood dream?

Steven Gerrard was born in Whiston, a suburb of Liverpool, England on May 30, 1980. While growing up he was a huge fan of the professional soccer club Liverpool, and dreamed of one day becoming captain of the team. He started playing soccer at a young age for the Whiston Juniors. By the age of eight, he was noticed by Liverpool scouts and joined their youth program in 1987. At the age of 14, he was scouted by other various organizations such Manchester United. However, Steven Gerrard found his home to be at Liverpool, where he pressured the owners into signing him into a youth training scheme contract. In 1997 he signed his first professional contract with Liverpool, but did not get a chance to start in a game till the 1999-2000 seasons. Currently, Steve Gerrard is fulfilling his childhood dream and captains the club team Liverpool and England's national team.

What Liverpool players who have been capped for England whilst playing for Liverpool and playing abroad?